Virtual Mailboxes

Virtual mailboxes are becoming increasingly popular for both business owners and travelers. With the rise of technology, virtual mailboxes provide a secure way to communicate and manage mail while on the go. A virtual mailbox allows users to access their mailbox anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.

Whether you’re a business owner looking for a secure way to manage your company’s correspondence or a traveler wanting an easy way to keep track of incoming bills and packages, there is no shortage of options available when it comes to virtual mailboxes. We have conducted extensive research and ratings of these services in order to bring you the top three best virtual mailbox options for those in need of an efficient solution. Read on to learn more about our top rated virtual mailbox services.

Advantages of Virtual Mailboxes

Virtual mailboxes are becoming increasingly popular for businesses and travelers alike. With virtual mailbox services, customers can receive and manage their mail without having to visit a physical location. This is beneficial for both business owners who want to save on costs as well as travelers who need access to their mail while away from home.

When considering which virtual mailbox service to use, it’s important to look at the ratings of different options. Different services have different features that could be beneficial depending on your needs, so researching the most highly rated virtual mailbox providers will help you select the best one for you. Services should provide secure storage of packages and documents, privacy protections, and easy access via digital accounts and apps. Additionally, consider if any additional services like forwarding or scanning are included in the package before making your purchase decision.

#1: US Global Mail

For business travelers and remote workers, a virtual mailbox can be an indispensable part of their work. US Global Mail is one of the leading providers of these services, offering customers a secure and reliable way to store and manage their mail no matter where they are.

US Global Mail has consistently earned high ratings from its customers throughout the years. Its secure platform ensures that all your data remains confidential while providing you with 24/7 access to your mail, both online and through its easy-to-use mobile app. In addition, US Global Mail also offers additional services such as package forwarding, document scanning, document storage, mail forwarding, and more – making it one of the best virtual mailbox providers on the market today.

#2: Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail is a virtual mailbox service that allows users to get mail from any post office in the world. It’s ideal for business owners and travelers who need to manage their mail remotely. The online platform offers a secure way to keep track of physical letters, bills, documents, and packages without ever having to open an actual mailbox.

Earth Class Mail has earned high ratings for its ability to provide reliable delivery and security features that protect your information from prying eyes. With this virtual mailbox, you have access to digital records of all incoming mail with the ability to forward it anywhere in the world or scan it at no extra charge. This service also provides additional features such as unlimited storage capacity and automated filing systems so you can easily store and organize your incoming items with ease.

#3: Traveling Mailbox

For business travelers and vacationers, having a virtual mailbox can be an invaluable asset. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which one is the best for your specific needs. To help you make the right decision, we’ve taken a look at three of the top virtual mailbox services on the market and rated them based on features, customer service, reliability, and overall value.

The travel-friendly features of Traveling Mailbox allow users to access their mail from anywhere in the world. It also provides advanced security measures such as bank-grade encryption and two factor authentication that help keep your data safe while traveling. Additionally, Traveling Mailbox offers a range of convenient services including mail forwarding options with tracking numbers for added peace of mind. Plus its customer service team is always there to provide support when needed.

Comparison Table

Virtual mailboxes are becoming increasingly popular among travelers and business owners. With a virtual mailbox, you can access your mail from anywhere in the world, without having to worry about it being lost or stolen while on the go. To help you find the best virtual mailbox for your needs, we’ve created a comparison table of three of the top-rated virtual mailboxes available today.

Our comparison table includes ratings based on features such as cost, reliability, customer service and security. We also included ratings for convenience and ease-of-use to ensure that you can make an informed decision when selecting a virtual mailbox for your business or travel needs. Each of these services has its own pros and cons so be sure to take the time to read through our reviews before making a final selection. With our comparison table, finding the perfect virtual mailbox should be easy!


The conclusion of our virtual mailbox rating is simple: the three services we reviewed offer reliable solutions for businesses and travelers who need an easy way to manage their mail. Not only do they save time and make it easier to stay organized, but they also provide additional features such as tracking packages, scanning documents and archiving messages that can help you stay on top of your mail even when you’re on the go.

We recommend each one depending on your specific needs: MyPostalAddress offers a variety of options from secure storage to package management; Earth Class Mail provides comprehensive document scanning and document storage with unlimited access; while Traveling Mailbox has a convenient mobile app that makes it easy to check your mail wherever you are. No matter which service you choose, these three virtual mailbox providers will help ensure that you never miss another important letter or package again.