With the ever-growing popularity of the Nintendo Switch, gamers are always looking for ways to save money while still enjoying the newest titles. One option that has become increasingly popular is game vouchers. While there may be some confusion around what these vouchers are and how they work, we’re here to answer whether or not they’re worth it.

What Are Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers?

Nintendo Switch game vouchers are digital codes that can be purchased online from retailers like UniPin Voucher. These codes can then be redeemed on the Nintendo eShop for downloadable games, DLC, and more. Each voucher contains two download codes, each of which will grant you a single copy of the chosen title – so if you buy one voucher with two codes, you can get two copies of your favorite game!

Benefits of buying Nintendo Switch Game Passes

One of the benefits of buying Game Passes is that it allows players to save money on their purchases. As each voucher contains two download codes, buyers get twice as much content for their money as if they had to buy them separately at full price. This means that players can stretch their budget even further when buying new games or expansions to existing games.

Another benefit is convenience. With just a few clicks, players can redeem their code in the eShop and start downloading their new content immediately, without having to wait in line or deal with physical copies. This eliminates any potential shipping delays or complications associated with traditional stores and makes getting new games as easy as possible.

Disadvantages of buying Nintendo Switch game vouchers

Despite the advantages mentioned above, there are a few drawbacks to using game vouchers for your Nintendo Switch purchases. For starters, some retailers may charge an extra fee to process your order, or require you to be a member before you can purchase anything from them (as is the case with UniPin Voucher). In addition, because these codes are digital-only products, they cannot be returned once they have been used – making them non-refundable even if something goes wrong during the redemption process. Finally, most retailers limit the number of copies of a title that can be purchased at any one time – so bulk purchases aren’t always an option with these vouchers either.

The bottom line

In conclusion, while game vouchers offer great convenience and cost savings when purchasing titles digitally from the Nintendo eShop, there are some drawbacks, such as fees and non-refundable policies, that should be considered before committing to a purchase. Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference, but those who decide to go this route can rest assured that they’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of digital downloads without breaking the bank!