ASMR is not just the whispering or the interesting sounds that people make at the lowest volume possible. It is not the chaotic youtube lives you witness of your idols and artists. It is so much more than that and there is a definite purpose for ASMR creators and listeners. The purpose of creating and listening to ASMR is still unknown to many. 

There is a growing population who prefer to watch and create ASMR since it started hitting the trends during the pandemic. It was almost therapeutic to listen to when everyone else was far apart. The truth behind this is that it is supposed to be therapeutic. Let’s look into what ASMR actually is and how it triggers others to create as well.

ASMR Is A Form Of Therapy

ASMR is short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and therefore these whisperings and soft sounds are used to trigger these responses from the brain. This part of the brain is only activated during frisson and it is why ASMR is also known as ‘brain massage’. Frisson is a psychological response that is only triggered during auditory and visual stimuli. 

It can be described as the feeling you get when you listen to a masterpiece or when a movie scene is just too touching or hits close to home. Yes, the tingling sensations that you feel run down your spine are exactly what ASMR is supposed to trigger. And that is exactly what it triggers leading to many listeners. 

ASMR Has Different Triggers To Work With

ASMR is not only triggered by whispering. There are many forms of triggering ASMR in a person. This is also a reason why there are many listeners for ASMR content. Because of the overwhelming response to ASMR by their listeners, the community of creators of ASMR content also keeps growing. The main triggers of ASMR are tapping, page-turning and light. 

Apart from these, simple touches and concentration are also used. Most of the videos for ‘brain massage’ are forms of whispering, tapping and even eating. Eating the right kind of food in videos also triggers a tingling sensation in people. Using the right lighting for the video is the best way to start a trigger while the main content itself is what makes sure a person relaxes. 

Creating ASMR Content

As mentioned, ASMR has a great number of listeners. This is because during the pandemic many people have turned to ASMR as a way to cope with daily stress relievers. Though it grew popular only during the pandemic, discussion on ASMR and content was present since 2008. Creating ASMR content has a wide range of activities. 

Knowing the right triggers and the one that suits your environment is the one that creators must choose. Getting the right equipment for creating the content is also important. you will find all you need for creating the perfect ASMR content on sure to set the environment up to the right one with perfect lighting to create an ASMR that will bring many listeners home.