Everything You Need To Know About Urban Tech Wear

The fashion industry has been one of the fastest evolving industries in the markets. There are too many options available in clothing and different set of people want a different kinds of clothes. One of the recently rising trends in the fashion industry is urban tech wear. In case you are wondering what is urban tech […]

How To Forgive Your First Untested

I began my composition speed as a poetess, and I’m motionlessly a poet. So my peregrination into fiction was not in a million years a planned life’s work move. In points, my ahead concise fabliau arrived as a undivided shock. No kidding. Because I have written and published rhyme in books and magazines for years, […]

Nail Biting My Experience

It’s a habit that so many are addicted to, and so am I. I’m talking about nail biting. I do it when I’m bored, nervous or just very out of my comfort zone. At least I did, because for a few weeks now I did not bite my nails at all. Ofcourse that is something […]

How To Choose Mens Dress Shoes

At some point in your life (men), you’re likely going to need to take the plunge and grab yourself a pair of dress shoes. To some, such as myself, his is a terrifying idea that comes complete with nightmares of shopping for hours trying to find the right shoe that will cost to much and […]

Bath Tips For Dry And Oily Skin

Bathing is very essential for the skin and yet is neglected by many women. Taking out some time to care for one’s beauty routine. Most women follow a five minutes shower ritual and do not even remember when was the last time they actually enjoyed having a bath. It is done like a monotonous, mechanical […]

Causes Of Acne And Its Home Remedies

Most women tend to be silent about their skin problems until the problem increases and it cannot be ignored anymore. It is like having a headache and hoping against hope that it will disappear on its own without any help. It will not go away so you have to do something about it. Most of […]

We Are Going To Madrid

Madrid is one of the few cities in Europe that Daan & I both have never been to, and both really want to go to. But us visiting this Spanish city will soon be reality: This november we will go there for a couple of days. I am so so excited to still go on […]