The name “kratom” refers to a Southeast Asian native coffee family tree. It is grown in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia and is also referred to as mitragyna speciosa. Its leaves are either ground into a powder and sold as a supplement, or they are dried and used to make tea. Like tobacco, kratom leaves can also be smoked.

With the rise of obesity, people are looking for ways to lose weight. Some turn to diet pills and other pills that promise a quick fix, but often fail to deliver on their promises. Others simply try walking more or eating less. But if you’re trying to lose weight naturally, then perhaps Kratom is your best bet. 

Kratom from The Island Now is an herb that has been used as a traditional medicine for centuries in Southeast Asia. It contains several alkaloids that help with pain relief and relaxation, and it also helps stimulate the opioid receptors in our brains. This produces feelings similar to opiate-based drugs like morphine and heroin, causing us to feel sleepy and relaxed. 

Research shows that it can help with depression, anxiety, and even addiction. The fact that it’s natural makes it easier to get approved by insurance companies, and it’s safe when used responsibly. So what does all this mean for people who want to lose weight? 

Benefits Of Kratom For Weight Loss 

One thing that’s interesting about Kratom is that it acts differently depending on which part of the plant you use. In its dried form, it’s known to be very stimulating, so it will give you energy and make you feel happy and energetic. But when taken in liquid form, it will relax you and promote sleepiness, making it perfect for helping you drop pounds.

If you take it before bedtime, it will cause you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer because you’ll become drowsy. If you take it first thing in the morning, you’ll have a harder time getting out of bed because you’ll feel tired and sluggish. Either way, you’ll feel much better than if you didn’t take it at all. And while you may not feel hungry while taking it, you will still lose weight because the effects of Kratom on your body will suppress your appetite. 

It’s important to note that Kratom comes from the same plant family as opium poppy, so it shares some of the same risks and side effects as those plants. Because of this, it’s important to find a reputable dealer. You don’t want to buy something that’s been laced with any kind of drug, especially one that could potentially harm you. 

Side Effects Of Kratom For Weight Loss 

While there haven’t been many studies done on Kratom specifically, research has been done on how it affects our bodies when we consume it regularly. Because it’s been shown to act similarly to opioids, it has been linked to dependency. There have also been reports of users experiencing withdrawal symptoms after they stop using it long term. These withdrawal symptoms include irritability, restlessness, sweating, insomnia, and abdominal cramping. 

There have also been reports of users experiencing hallucinations, paranoia, and suicidal thoughts. While these side effects aren’t common, they do exist, and they can happen. When buying Kratom, always ask the seller if he or she has experience with it. Also, check online reviews to see whether anyone else has experienced these side effects. 

How To Use Kratom For Weight Loss 

The most common way to take Kratom for weight loss is to drink it in tea. However, you can also eat capsules of it raw. The reason why it works faster when it’s ingested orally instead of through food is because it goes straight into your bloodstream where it doesn’t need to pass through your digestive system. 

Some people like to grind up the plant and mix it with water to create a paste. They then place the mixture under their tongue until it dissolves. This method is called “bagging” and it allows them to easily swallow the powder without having to chew it. 

Using Kratom For Weight Loss Is Risky 

Because Kratom is derived from an illegal substance, it’s easy enough for someone to add harmful substances to it. If you’re going to use it, make sure you purchase it from a trustworthy source. Also, never buy anything off the Internet. Always shop in person and ask questions about the product.

Another risk of using Kratom for weight loss is that it can cause dehydration. Many times, people don’t know that they’ve lost too much fluid because they’re still feeling thirsty. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids throughout the day and avoid alcohol. Alcohol can dehydrate you further, and it can also impair your judgment. 

When you’re ready to start losing weight, consult with your doctor before starting to take Kratom. He or she can tell you if it’s safe for you to use and if you should talk to your primary care physician about stopping it once you reach your goal weight. 

For best results, you should exercise daily and eat healthy foods, but you shouldn’t let these things interfere with your weight loss goals. Kratom isn’t your only option when it comes to losing weight, though. There are plenty of other options available, including prescription medications, weight loss surgery, and bariatric surgery.