Everyone has their sense of style and no one can refute it. If you are looking for a naturally shaved head, then you can opt for a scalp micro-pigmentation process. The process may take some time but will provide the required results within the stipulated time as well. This has proved to be true because it works in replicating the hair follicle on your scalp’s upper layer.

But just having the treatment is not enough. The right tips for aftercare are as important as the process itself. If you follow all the guidelines for aftercare safely, only then will the treatment results last longer. Here are 5 aftercare tips for your treatment that you have to follow. 

Crucial 4 Days

The first 4 days are the most crucial 4 days of your life when it comes to the treatment. Your scalp should now be treated as an open wound. This is because immediately after the treatment, the scalp is very sensitive even to the smallest touch. That is why you have to make sure that no water touches your scalp during these days.

It might be very tempting with how you have just undergone the treatment, but ensure you do not wash your scalp because of it. The ones present on the scalp are only pigments, and washing them immediately will result in them being inactive. You should also avoid touching the area for a few days after the pigmentation of hair follicles. 

Within The Crucial Week

Still no water, not even in the form of sweat. Yes, this means you cannot enter chlorinated pools or saunas. Neither can you go for your daily workouts. Especially cardio from which you come sweating buckets. It’s the biggest no for aftercare for scalp micro-pigmentation. You are still not allowed to touch the area, so scrubbing and shampooing are out of the question. 

Scrubbing can lead to the re-opening of the wounded scalp. Yes, the treatment is being treated as a wound, but that is the truth of the situation. Due to the sensitivity of the treatment, make sure you do not expose it to sunlight either. Wear the right sunscreen of 50+ PF for protection. Or just avoid going out for a while. 

The Second Crucial Week

By now the scalp must be looking good, and hair must be growing from the hair follicles. But this does not mean that the scalp has healed completely. It is still in the process of healing and therefore, a few more aftercare routines are required. By now, you can relax under the water restriction. 

Make sure to gently wash with water and use fragrance-free soap. You can also apply a fragrance-free moisturizer that will enhance the healing process. Avoid scratching the scalp as well as applying irritants that have harmful chemicals to hinder the healing process. 

From The End Of the Second Week

Now you can go back to your routine and make sure to wash it as and when required. You will also be scheduled for a second appointment for treatment. This is to make sure that the scalp is healing well. But for this, make sure that you have washed and shaved your head. Only then the doctor will be able to assess the situation of your scalp well. 

Long Term Aftercare Steps

You can get back to your daily routine, but there are still a few things to consider and follow at this point. Firstly, avoid products that have a high concentration of alcohol. Make sure to use only anti-bacterial fragrance-free soap for the scalp. The pigments should remain for a longer period if you want the effect of treatment to be there. 

Also, another important tip is to avoid using AHA-containing products. Only for the treated area. This is because this chemical can fade the pigments away and your treatment will be totally down the rock.