A lot of individuals use private mode for their business in terms of securing information from thefts. An operator is just like an agent for adding conversation and using these internal notes to keep the information hidden. There are so many features available here through which you can operate the context and reassign each and everything from the dashboard.

Why should one use mentions? 

When you are using a private note, then make sure you mention an operator the name of the operator is set by default in the email. If you enable all the desktop notifications, you don’t need to mention the operator’s name again. First, there are so many benefits to using the private mode and keeping the information anonymous. 

Using private notes for getting feedback 

As привнот private notes also help to generate feedback for employees so that they won’t be able to know all the things, it is a key tool which is also used in several businesses for maintaining the anonymous fashion of generating feedback first there are also some misconceptions for using anonymous feedback by creating private notes. 

Clearing private notes 

You can also use it in the form of a feedback section so that all the misconceptions would be cleared for using private notes. For example, if you have generated a bottom line, the data you list in the private note will become clearer and more generic. This is the best way through which you can become more honest with your team members while working in an organization. 

Avoid backlash by using private notes 

It is very common to see a backlash in a company, but with the help of private notes, you can generate a positive feedback environment. Another benefit of using a private notice is that it will help identify the problem and how to resolve it easily. Finally, with the help of a private note, you will be able to retain all the things anonymously. 

Using private notes anonymously 

There is a list and guidance through which you can use a private note and send messages to your fellow friends. When you are using a private note, then make sure you go with mentions as it appears the name of the person on which you are sending information. It is not similar to an email because here, the private message is sent without the name of the user. 

The drop-down option 

In the drop-down menu section, you will see the option of choosing an agent. It comes in the detail section, and you will get suggestions for sending private notes there. It is the best method through which you can contribute to facing tickets. 

Adding followers 

When you mention any agent or admin, then it will automatically add it to the list of followers. For building a collaboration with your fellow teammates, you can use a private note. It is just like a solving ticket which helps you to respond to messages and do consultations with your colleagues. 

Using a display option 

When you are going to write a private note then, it will appear in the display option of your conversation section. It is not similar to sending a message to your friend or any other customer. When you are sending a private message or a private note then, it will appear in some different color. 

Submitting private notes 

The messages which are listed in the window section will be appeared by clicking on the submit button. When you are working in a company, then there are some instances where you have to raise a ticket or assign the ticket from one person to another. By using the option of private note, you can undergo the drop-down menu option and directly send it to the agent. 

Rewriting queries 

If you have any queries about rewriting a private note, then you can also list them in the detail section of the dialogue box. When you are mentioning the private mode, then always make sure to use a ticket resolution. There is an icon through which you can add names and mention other agents, including admins, on a private note.