Your Qingjian Realty Bukit Batok EC condo has many components, and it’s a good idea to make sure each of them are working well together. You can do this by keeping track of the following:

Roofing system

The roofing system on your condominium will need regular maintenance to ensure that it is safe and functional for you to live in. Roof damage can be expensive to repair, so it makes sense to schedule roof inspections with your roofer at least once every year.

Electrical wiring

Make sure that all electrical work is up-to-date and meets code requirements before making any changes to the structure or interior of your condo. Your electrician should also inspect the wires from time to time to check that they are intact. If your cable TV box is in rough shape, this could be an indication that something may have gone wrong with the wiring system.


If you want to install new plumbing fixtures or replace old ones, you’ll need to get permission from the board if you own more than one unit. Make sure that you understand what permits are required and where to obtain them.

You might also consider having a plumber come out to look at your pipes. This will help detect leaks before they become serious problems. Pipes are especially vulnerable if there is no proper ventilation. They are also prone to freezing during cold weather. A leaky pipe can lead to water damage throughout your entire unit, which can cost thousands of dollars to fix.


If you have a problem with mold in your bathroom, you should first contact your local government agency for advice on how to rid yourself of the problem. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has information about mold removal in bathrooms and other areas of your home.

It helps to keep your bathtub drain clean to prevent mold growth. Make sure that the drains in all your units are clear of debris and that they are properly maintained. Bathroom faucets should be kept tight shut to avoid water leakage.


Most kitchens require regular cleaning. Wipe down countertops regularly, vacuum under appliances and around the stove, mop floors, and wash dishes after every use. Cleaning will help prevent dirt and grease buildup that can cause odors and food contamination.


One way to create a welcoming atmosphere in your condo is to change the flooring. Many properties offer a variety of styles, colors, and textures. If you don’t like the carpeting in your kitchen, you can always have it replaced or covered over.

In addition to changing your floors, make sure that all doors and windows open easily and that they close tightly without squeaking. It’s a good idea to check for signs of wear and tear on these items as well.

Cleaning and care

There are several things you can do to maintain your condo. Here are some recommendations:

  • Keep your condo tidy and clutter-free. Put away laundry when done.
  • Maintain healthy indoor air quality by using fresh air filters and running your central air conditioning unit occasionally.
  • Clean hardwood furniture regularly with mild soap and warm water.
  • Wash floors and carpets at least weekly.
  • Use a mild cleaner for plastic surfaces such as light switches, door knobs, and cabinet handles.
  • Don’t allow pets inside your condo.
  • Change the air filter in your HVAC system monthly or whenever necessary.
  • Check your smoke detectors regularly.
  • Have an annual inspection of fire safety systems.
  • Schedule maintenance visits with your property manager.
  • Take advantage of the amenities provided by your rental community to stay fit.
  • Visit your local library for reading materials.
  • Stay current on news stories in your area.

These suggestions can help you to maintain your condo in a clean and comfortable manner. If you follow these simple steps, you won’t have to worry about whether your condo is in perfect condition. As long as you remember to take care of it, your condo will last a lifetime!