When it comes to MAC, it is the simple name of the operating system that mainly powers all MAC computers, such as Windows on PCs. Generally, unlike Windows, the MAC is supplied online along with the Apple computers. Several users cite the operating system because of buying apple hardware. Thus, how to MAC tutorials are an easy one. Regular security updates are received by the operating system, and each year one major upgrade. Somewhat, MAC is a straightly operating system. Along with apps rich suite comes for simplifying everyday tasks such as web browsing and email. It integrates well with mobile devices in the Apple family, such as the iPad and iPhone.

Set up a new MAC

  1. Set up the internet.
  2. Change scroll direction.
  3. Visual customization.
  4. Set up the printer.
  5. Get the backups ready.
  6. Ads users.
  7. Install cybersecurity.

Tricks and tips for new users

  • Save battery-

For this, just head into the system preferences, then hit the energy saver button. Thus, from there, a person can choose the time taken for taking MacBook to go to sleep in case it fails to be used. 

  • Share files wirelessly-

If someone has an iPhone, then Apple made it easier for items to be shared mainly between the Mac and the phone with the help of AirDrop. Just assume it is on both devices enabled and can be dropped and dragged files mainly into the iPhone or simply to upload to the MAC.

  • Screen recording and grabs-

Through the screenshot app, it is all done, which can be found easily in the utility folder. Keyboard shortcuts can also be used like for having a screen portion, then go for pressing Cmd + Shift +4. In case you want to grab the whole screen, then simply press Cmd + Shift + 3.

  • Find cursor-

When someone is deep in the workpiece middle, or a web article is just engrossed, then a person might lose track of the location of the mouse cursor. But by the mouse cursor, wiggling can easily result in its growth temporarily and thus, making it easy to find on the screen.

  • Force apps to quit-

From the activity, the monitor can force to quit Mac apps, but there is a quick way. For opening the tool of force quit application, just press Cmd + Opt + Esc. Further, select an app and hit the force quit. 

  • Multi-touch gestures-

This comprises swiping with two fingers for scrolling, right-clicking the two-finger tapping, and pinch zooming. All these can be set up in the system by Preferences > Trackpad.  

  • Auto unlocks by apple watch-

The Apple watch owners can set the Mac to unlock automatically when both the devices are chiefly near each other. Even this watch usage can aid in approving password requests.


It can be concluded that how MAC tutorials are not that difficult. In case, if never used it, then there is a learning curve, particularly if someone is accustomed to Windows.