The Fortnite Season 4 update was released on Thursday, and it’s not just about new content. It also brings with it several new gameplay features that will make you feel more powerful in-game. Here are five of those tips that will help you take over from day one. 

  1. The Battle Pass 

The Battle Pass is Epic Games’ answer to the loot box model where players pay real money for cosmetic items. In Fortnite, this means you’ll get special emotes, skins, sprays and more depending on how much you spend. You can buy all 100 tiers or you can pick and choose which ones you want to purchase. This makes it possible to customize your experience as you play, but it also adds an additional layer of complexity when trying to keep track of exactly what is coming out next week. If you’re really into collecting emote sets and skins, there’s a lot of work involved. Luckily, Epic has made it easy to manage your Battle Pass by adding a “Batch” option under the menu icon at the top right of the screen. 

  1. The Loot Bag 

When you die in the game, you lose everything except your weapon, shield and helmet. While not ideal, it does give you a chance to salvage some items if you have good aim, especially if you die quickly. But in Fortnite, there’s a better way to go about picking up these items. When you land, look down and press Y to see if you’ve been dropped on a ledge. If so, you’ll see an arrow pointing up to indicate you can use the lasso tool to grab any item below you. If your goal is survival and staying alive, don’t let yourself get shot down because you’ll be forced to run back to base and start over. Instead, try to use the lasso to pick up the items above you. After you do this, you can easily drop them down to the ground where you need them without getting shot again. It’s a great strategy that helps you save time while still helping you survive longer. 

  1. The Hammer 

One thing I learned early on was that the hammer is the best weapon to use against armored opponents. As long as you have the right armor equipped, hitting someone with the hammer is very satisfying, and it feels awesome to watch your opponent crumble to pieces. To equip the hammer, just hold LMB and tap A until you see a hammer symbol. Then just release the button to equip it. Once you start using the hammer, you’ll notice that you can hold it in one hand and use it like a baseball bat to smash a vehicle or enemy building. It’s hard to master, so it might take a few tries to get the hang of it, but once you learn its mechanics, it can be very rewarding to use. 

  1. The Shield 

If you’re going to use the hammer, you should also use the shield. Shields are much lighter than the hammer, making it easier to swing and hit multiple targets at once. Also, since shields are so light, you can toss them around like they’re nothing. Use them as makeshift grenades to stun enemies or throw them to distract their attention while you escape. Another cool feature is that you can throw a shield off a cliff and catch it in midair, then use it to crush vehicles or buildings. One of my favorite moments of playing Fortnite came when I found a huge tower and decided to climb it, only to have a shield fly up and crash into me at the top. It sent me flying backward and I lost control of my character. That moment taught me to always be careful with throwing shields. 

  1. Jumping 

This tip is pretty obvious, but jump height is important. Every player who is skilled enough to earn the title “pro gamer” knows that jumping is the most effective way to advance through the game. If you want to get higher, you first need to find a place to jump. You can do this by looking for a ledge or elevated platform. From there, you can jump and glide towards another ledge or structure. Be careful when moving forward because you may fall off or get knocked back. If you want to stay safe, you can also hop on a vehicle and ride along the edge of cliffs or ridges. You can also do this by pressing B to jump off of structures, then holding the left analog stick to move forward. All of these methods offer varying degrees of safety, but they’re all effective ways to avoid falling. Don’t worry too much about being hit by bullets because it happens rarely. Even if you are hit, you’ll probably end up surviving because of the healing power of your health pack. 

Playing Fortnite is an easy task, a beginner with basic guidance can play the game perfectly. He can search for the rare fortnite skins and then select the one that is with the best features. The proper analysis of the best option is a must option.

In addition to these tips, here are three other helpful tricks I picked up during my time playing Fortnite: 

* Save often.

You never know when you’ll die, and if you don’t have anything saved, you’ll have to start over from scratch. There are plenty of opportunities to save, including when you win a battle, complete a task, or find a rare item. If you’re worried about losing progress, you can create a checkpoint. Just select your location, then press Ctrl + Z to save your current position before proceeding further. 

* Play alone.

When I started playing Fortnite, I noticed that many people were playing in groups and taking turns. I prefer to play solo, mainly because I’m a bit shy about interacting with others. However, I’ve gotten used to playing online and having teammates, so I think it would be nice to do at least one match with friends. 

* Pick specific weapons.

Some of these weapons are much better suited for certain situations than others. For example, you can build a sniper rifle to take out snipers with ease, but you won’t be able to do the same with a shotgun. So if you want to become a pro gamer, you should practice using different weapons instead of sticking to just one type.