Using a gravity bong is an incredibly unique way to enjoy your favorite herbs. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be confusing or even overwhelming to figure out how to get the best experience possible. Thankfully, with a few simple tips and tricks, getting the most enjoyment out of your TokePlanet gravity bongs is easier than ever!

Whether you’re new to the gravity bong or have been using it for years, these tips will help you take your smoking session to the next level. Read on to discover our top 8 gravity bong tips and tricks for maximum enjoyment!

1: Use high-quality cannabis

The first step to having an enjoyable experience with your TokePlanet gravity bong is to make sure you’re using good-quality cannabis. The stronger, more flavourful strains will make all the difference when it comes to actually smoking the herb. You want something that has high levels of THC or CBD so that you can really feel the effects when smoking from the bong.

2: Grind it properly

You also want to make sure that you grind your cannabis properly before putting it into your gravity bong bowl. This will allow for better airflow and smoother hits overall. A grinder is ideal as it ensures that everything is evenly broken down into small pieces without any chunks being too big or too small. If you don’t have a grinder, just use scissors or break it up by hand until everything looks the same size before packing it into your bowl piece.

3: Carefully fill the bottle with water

Once you’ve got your cannabis ready, it’s time to fill your bottle with water carefully and slowly so as not to create any air bubbles in the chamber section of the bottle, which can lead to leakage problems when smoking from it later on. Be careful not to overfill, as this will affect the amount of smoke you get when you take a hit from it later.

4: Light it right

When lighting your cannabis in the TokePlanet gravity bong bowl piece, make sure that all sides get equal heat exposure. Otherwise, some parts may burn faster than others, leading to uneven burning and ash particles unintentionally ending up in someone’s lungs when they take their hit later on (which nobody wants!). An even flame distribution around all the edges should do the trick here!

5: Put your mouth on the bottle opening

Once you have lit it properly and enough smoke has filled the chamber of the bottle (you should be able to see some coming out of the opening), place your mouth directly on top of the opening, having closed the mouthpiece section tightly beforehand – otherwise, no smoke will come out at all due to air pressure differences! – Then inhale deeply while gently but steadily lifting the lower half of the pipe; this should create a nice vacuum effect that will suck out any remaining hot smoke within seconds, leaving nothing but fresh, oxygenated air!

6: Clear it all out at once

After taking a deep inhale using the method described above (or holding on to some extra oxygen if you wish), exhale quickly by removing both lids from their respective openings at once, thereby releasing every last bit left in said chamber back out all at once! Doing so will also prevent build-up during longer sessions; however, be aware that such scenarios may occur anyway, depending on circumstances & frequency of use over longer periods of time.

7: Clean & maintain regularly

Finally – always remember that keeping things clean between uses & ensuring proper maintenance regularly goes hand in hand with having fun responsibly whenever using these types of devices; especially considering how easy it can be for bacteria/germs/residues etc to accumulate over extended intervals without proper diligence applied towards attendance thereof each day/week/month etc.!

8: Have fun responsibly with friends

And finally – never forget why we participate in such activities in the first place, i.e., to have fun responsibly while surrounded by people we care about & who share similar interests! After all – what would life be like without those special moments spent together? 😀 So grab those gravity bongs today & never look back(!). It’s going to be one heck of a ride! xo

By following these simple yet effective guidelines outlined above – everyone should easily be able to find themselves well-equipped & prepared enough to tackle whatever adventures await them next involving their trusty TokePlanet Gravity Bongs accordingly! Thanks for reading & Happy Smoking~!