E-commerce undoubtedly has become the most significant and most prominent contributor to online business. With passing time, it is growing on everyday purpose by bringing more influence and revenues. This has promoted the success of the e-commerce industry. 

But, there is one thing that is usually missing out; with growing growth comes an increase in the number of frauds. Today there is an increase in the number of scams that take place at e-commerce sites; out of all, and one is carding.

Carding is a fraud that takes place by stealing the card number and information and making further use by making purchases out of it. In order to know more, there are several best carding sites 2022 which will give complete learning and knowledge of this process. So, there are several aspects that every e-commerce site needs to look at in order to protect itself from carding fraud.

  • Multifactor Authentication 

This is one of the security steps which is being added at the time of sign-up or login. In addition, a dialogue box will appear on the screen of your device, which generates a code that is used before using your credit card. 

By following this procedure, the thieves and hackers will not be able to steal your credit card number, or other associated information as the multifactor aspect will look after the security and concern of the site. 


This is a type of response in which every user has to make sure that he is a verified human shopper. This is the purpose of providing security to your site. A text box is appeared to read and type of the context. 

Every site should use CAPTCHA in order to protect it from any type of fraud or breach of security as this will make sure to get manually logged in from the user side, which becomes less appealing as the target in the eyes of hackers. 

  • CVV Number 

It is the card verification value (CCV) that is being entered by the cardholder at the time of checkout. This is usually a three or four-digit number which is given at the back of every debit or credit card, which shows the authenticity of the card. 

This will show the authentication of using the credit card issued by the desired bank and not from the dark web. This will make sure to keep your card safe and protect it from using by fraudsters. 

  • Authorization 

This will show that the credit or debit card can only be used by its card holder and not anybody else. The authorization process can take a few days to give you a full card, as safety is the only concern for the card holder from getting any type of fraud. 

Thus, the above security features should be used so that every e-commerce site can be protected from carding fraud to take place. This will make sure to protect your device and as well as site to keep users protected from getting breached.