CBD North knows that nothing beats a delicious, chewy gummy snack. But sometimes, your gummies can end up melting and becoming an unrecognizable blob of goo. We’ve put together our top five tips and tricks to help you save your melted gummies!

1. Use the freezer technique

If your gummy bears have started to melt, don’t panic – just pop them in the freezer! This is one of the easiest ways to bring them back to their original shape. Place them on a plate or tray before freezing for 15 minutes if you want each individual piece to remain intact. When they’re frozen, place them in a container for storage.

2. Put them in the fridge

Putting your melted jellybeans in the fridge won’t give you the same solid result as freezing them, but it’s still an effective way to restore their shape and texture. To get the best results from this method, make sure you spread the gummy bears out on a flat surface so they don’t stick together when they cool. Depending on the amount of moisture in your fridge, it may take up to an hour before they are ready to eat or store.

3. Watch out for moisture

Moisture is one of the worst enemies of gummy snacks; even if they’re left out at room temperature, they can start to melt quickly if there’s too much humidity. To avoid this altogether and keep your treats fresh and chewy for longer, store them in an airtight container – preferably with silica gel packs or baking soda – in a cool, dry area such as a cupboard or kitchen drawer, away from direct sunlight.

4. Consider storing at room temperature

Most people assume that all food, including snacks, should be refrigerated after opening – but this isn’t necessarily true! In fact, if you live in a warm climate with low humidity, it may be best not to refrigerate certain foods, such as sweets, as this can cause condensation, which can lead to rapid melting over time due to water absorption by porous items such as sweets or chocolate bars. So think about where you are geographically and what kind of environment you have before you make any decisions about storage options for confectionery products like the ones we have here today, OK?

5 Choose ingredients carefully

When buying gummy sweets, it is always important to look carefully at the ingredient labels. Certain ingredients such as glucose syrup, palm oil, cornstarch, gelatine, vegetable oils, and so on can all contribute to increased stickiness, which ultimately results in a softened chew when exposed to heat for long periods of time! So please do yourself a favor and read the labels carefully before buying the same type of treat again!

Bottom line

Gummy bears are great snacks, but unfortunately, they don’t last long when exposed to heat. Hopefully, these five tips have given you some solutions on how best to save your melted jelly beans! Remember: always keep them out of direct sunlight; use airtight containers with desiccant; consider refrigerator versus room temperature; check ingredient labels carefully! With careful handling, these tasty treats will stay nice and chewy much longer than expected.