Normally I don’t post beauty related articles on TFD, but since a few weeks I really like experimenting with make up again. Because of that I also bought two brand new lipsticks. I felt like I am missing a lot of colours in my lipstick stash, so I will let it grow step by step. To start off with that, I bought two gorgeous lipsticks from L’Oréal Paris, which I will review now.

Hype is a beautiful coral/orange color, which is perfect for every occasion. It is a bright and sweet color. The case is gold, which looks quite luxury. On the USA L’Oréal Paris website they promise the Color Riche lipsticks to be creamy and keep your lips hydrated.

The lipstick definitely is creamy, but I am not sure about the hydrating-thing. My lips are always quite dry, so maybe it was because of that, that I felt tingle my lips after I removed the lipstick. It sure is a cute color, which will be perfect for this summer. I think it looks good with my pale skin, because the lipstick is quite light itself.

Color Riche Exclusive Collection by Blake – Blake’s Pure Red

Wow, this is a deep red color that looks classy! I love it! This is perfect for a party, although I actually wear it to school too. You could actually see this lipstick in my outfitpost from last Friday as well.

I love this one even more than Hype. I have been told not to wear a lipcolor like this when you have a pale skin, but I’ll do it anyway. I think it looks super classy.

I really like both of those lipsticks. There are creamy and gorgeous. My favorite sure is Blake’s Pure Red. I didn’t own any lipstick like this, but I will sure use this a lot. They both stay on for around 4 hours. It that time I ate, drank and talked, so both are definitely keepers. My over-all grade for those lipsticks is an 8/10.