It’s a habit that so many are addicted to, and so am I. I’m talking about nail biting. I do it when I’m bored, nervous or just very out of my comfort zone. At least I did, because for a few weeks now I did not bite my nails at all. Ofcourse that is something I am really proud of, but it took me a long time to get here and still, I don’t know if this will last forever. I have a very long experience of nail biting, which I will share with you today.

A while ago I read an article about nail biting on the Dutch lifestyle blog Versus A. Here blogger Suz told about her experience of nail biting; why she did it and why it was such a strong habit for her. Although at that point I had not bitten my nails for a weeks weeks, I completely recognised myself in her story. It made me want to share my own story, which I will now.

I really don’t know how it started. All I know is that I did not bite my nails one day and the next day I did. I had long periods where I did or did not bite my nails. But in the end I continued doing it. Such a pity; it is a habit that is hard to get rid off. I had so many people telling me to stop, but even if I wanted to, I couldn’t.

In her post Suz talked about all the different ways to get rid of the habit. Many of them, if not all, I tried myself. I had periods that I asked everybody to tell me when I was biting and to make me stop doing it for that moment. I thought if just everybody would tell me all day, I would stop easily. I didn’t. To be honest: It made me annoyed. I found myself walking or turning away from those people for just a few seconds, to make them not see me biting.

Ofcourse I knew that that wasn’t really fair to those people, so I dropped that opportunity to stop. I tried Byte-X, the disgusting tasting nail polish. It definitely makes you notice biting for a few times, but I was too addicted to care. After a while the taste dissappeared, and I was able to bite again.

The only thing that worked, although it was mostly temporary, was polishing my nails. I loved and still love my nails when they look good and have a nice color on it. I sometimes tried to grow them, paint them and enjoy them. I did, for a while. Until the first chip started coming and growing. My main thought was: ‘They’re ugly now anyway; it doesn’t matter anymore.’ Which ofcourse it did.

But, for around 5 or 6 weeks now, I haven’t bitten my nails at all. This sounds like ages for me, and of course it is something that I am really proud of. Two weeks ago I had to clean my nails for a video shooting and I was actually scared that that would make me bite again. But I didn’t, yay! I really hope that this will last forever. Nail biting was something that really belonged to me for years, so in fact these 6 weeks haven’t been long at all. But still, this is a true peak for me and I will defiinitely try hard to keep not biting my nails.