Most businesses that run today have to keep up with modern technology and also be available online to increase their chances of success. A basic step for this is for the company/business to have its own website, which will facilitate customers with a better understanding of your organization’s work and services. Since a website usually plays a role in showcasing the company’s image, it needs to be designed well to convey the right message to customers, and this is when the role of a web designer plays a key. 

Who is a web designer?

Someone who designs, creates, and modifies web pages using elements such as images, graphics, videos, text, etc is called a web designer. Their objective is to design the website in a way that conveys the right message/information about the organization and gives a positive user experience upon visiting it. 

What makes a successful web designer successful?

People often wonder how successful web designers attain success, so here are some secrets behind the same: 

  • Having influential communication skills- Websites often communicate an idea to clients and customers, and that is why web designers should be bold and clear in their communication. They should be able to clearly explain their design choices to positively influence and impact clients
  • Planning before designing- Always have a rough plan on what is to be designed, after doing adequate research on the company and their expectations from the website
  • Stay up-to-date with new technology- A good web designer always dedicates time to learning what’s new in technology that could help make his work more efficient and impressive
  • Knowing programming languages- Apart from having designing skills, general knowledge of modern HTML coding, high-quality CSS, SEO, Javascript UI techniques, etc will enhance your portfolio
  • Keep gaining experience- A field like this functions majorly on experience. So take up projects as and when possible to increase your experience, to reach a stage where you can also provide business solutions. 


The main reason for a company having a website is for advertising purposes, and there are many ways to do so, like Facebook ads, YouTube, etc. To evaluate which digital advertising methods are working out, businesses calculate ROAS. 

Return on ad spend (ROAS) is the revenue generated by a business for every dollar spent on an advertising source. It is a marketing metric to measure the efficacy of a digital advertising campaign, which can be calculated with the help of a ROAS calculatorwhere simply entering the cost of an ad source and ad revenue will help compute the profitability of the ad source. 

If ROAS is less than 100%, the advertising is at a loss.

In conclusion, web designers become successful by inculcating the above-mentioned tips. Since a major revenue source of a business also comes from advertising, it becomes important to identify profitable digital advertising sources using a ROAS calculator. Hence, successful web designers are experts in designing websites that influence ROAS metrics, ensuring the business prospers and gains a reputation.