If you are a woodworker, you will need to have some tools in your arsenal. Some of the more common ones like saws and drills might be on everyone’s list already, but there are other tools that many people don’t realize they need until it’s too late. In this article, I’ll discuss five must-have tools for any woodworking project. 

Impact Drivers 

A hammer drill is an essential tool for anyone who works with wood. It has a long handle that allows you to get into tight spaces when you are working. The impact driver is a bit less versatile than a hammer drill because it only rotates in one direction. However, a hammer drill can rotate in both directions so you can use it to drive screws or nails in either direction as well. 

A screw gun is another type of impact driver that lets you easily place multiple screws at the same time. There are also guns that let you place bolts rather than screws. If you aren’t using a power sander, then a cordless or battery powered orbital sander will be useful. An orbital sander uses sand paper attached to a motorized arm that spins around the work piece at high speed. A hand held sander is even better if you are working on small projects. 

Miter Boxes 

A miter box is basically a clamp that holds two pieces of wood together at a right angle. It can also hold three pieces of wood together at a 90 degree angle. This is helpful when you want to build a box from several pieces of lumber. You can use a miter box to cut all your pieces before putting them together. Miter boxes come in different sizes and levels of quality. They are made out of aluminum, steel or plastic and range in price from $10 to hundreds of dollars depending on the quality. 

Biscuit Jointer 

A biscuit jointer is similar to a table saw except that it doesn’t have a blade. Instead, it cuts by pushing a thin piece of wood through a slot between two stationary blades. Biscuit jointers are used to smooth over rough edges left behind after cutting boards or molding. Although most people use a circular saw to do this job, a biscuit jointer can save you the hassle of having to cut the wood again. 

Jointer Saws 

There are several types of jointer saws. The most common is a rip saw which is used to make straight cuts across the width of the board. The crosscut saw is useful when doing large cuts such as ripping off 2x4s to make 1/2″ wide strips. The last kind of jointer saw is a miter saw. It cuts material at 45 degrees angles and is useful for making angled cuts. 

Drills & Bits 

For drilling holes into wood, you need a variety of bits. One type is called a countersink. This is a hole that goes below the surface of the wood. To prevent the wood from splitting, you need to put a pilot hole first. You can use a countersink drill to do this. Another type of bit is a brad point. Brad points are designed to hold screws without driving them completely through the end of the wood. The third type of bit is called a pilot hole. These bits are meant to go into the wood and remove the excess wood. 

For fastening screws into wood, you need a variety of screws. One type is called for a Phillips head. This is a standard screwhead that is found on many screws. Other types include flat head, slotted and square drive. A few types of screws are self tapping and blind. Self tapping screws are threaded onto their own screwdriver and allow you to screw them in without needing to predrill the wood. Blind screws have no threads and just stick into the wood. 

Saw Blades 

When you are working with wood, you need to keep your saw sharp. A dull saw blade can ruin your project. Dull blades can also lead to injury. There are various ways to sharpen a saw blade. You can try to do it yourself with a file or a grinder. You could buy a new saw blade. Or, you could try a saw blade sharpener. 

The best way to keep your saw blade sharp is to replace it every year. Once you’ve replaced your saw blade, you should inspect it closely to see if it needs sharpening. If it does, take it to a professional to get it done. 

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These are the basic tools that every woodworker should have. While these are the basics, you should definitely add to your collection as you move forward with your woodworking hobby. 

Do you know how to use an impact driver? What about a biscuit joiner? How about a jig saw? Do you know how to maintain your saw blades properly? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below!