Toto site is all new food delivery company based in New York. They have been in the business for a while, but they are still relatively new to the online market. The Toto site offers home delivery of meals and snacks from local restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, cafés and more.

The food that you order will be delivered to your door within 2 hours after it is ordered. And if you want to save your time, you can also use the mobile app to make an order on the go.

With so many options available at their store, what makes them different than other local delivery services? Here’s what you need to know about the features of the Toto site before you decide to join them.

1. Food Delivery from Local Restaurants

You can choose from over 100 restaurants from where you can get your favorite meals. You can pick from cuisines like Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Indian, Japanese and more. The menu includes everything from pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, salads, pastries and desserts too!

If you want to add items on the menu, just click “Add Specialty Item” and select from the drop down list. Then, you can either enter the name or search for the item by keyword.

You can also filter the results by price, cuisine, size, type, etc. If you don’t see anything you like, you can always add a special request for your meal.

2. Ordering and Paying Online

When you have found the restaurant you want, you can easily place an order through the Toto site. Just select the restaurant from the list, and then click “Order Now” to proceed with the checkout process.

You can pay using credit card or debit card. After entering the information, you can review the total amount and confirm your order. The order will be processed immediately and your meal will reach your door within two hours.

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3. Customized Menu Items

This feature allows you to create customized orders for your family members too. For example, you can add items that you usually forget to buy when you make your weekly grocery shopping list. Or, you can even give them a personalized meal plan for them to follow.

To create a custom menu item, just select the item and enter the quantity you require. It will automatically appear on the ordering screen along with an option to edit or remove the item. This way, everyone in your household can enjoy the same meal without having to worry about whether they can finish the entire plate.

You can also customize the meal by adding additional items like condiments, side dishes, and beverages. All these options are conveniently located under the “add to cart” button.

4. Get Rewards With Referrals

If you refer your friends to the Toto site, you can earn rewards! When someone signs up to Toto site and places an order, you will receive $5 as a referral bonus. However, this only works once per customer, and there is no limit on how many people you can refer.

Once you are referred, you will also receive $10 as a welcome gift. So, why not share the link with your friends to help them save money on their next purchase?

And now let’s move on to some interesting facts about the Toto site.

5. Free Shipping On Orders Over $25

All orders placed on the Toto site will include free shipping. There are several ways you can get free shipping. First, when you place an order for $25 or more, you will automatically qualify for free shipping. Second, you can opt for the free ground shipping option if your order total exceeds $50. Third, you can choose expedited shipping which costs $5 extra. Lastly, you can choose priority mail service which is free for orders worth more than $100.

If you want to learn more about shipping methods, visit here.

6. Get Your Order Delivered Anywhere in the U.S.

Even though Toto Site is based out of New York City, any order placed on the website will be delivered anywhere in the United States. That means if you live in California, you can still order from the Toto site. In fact, the site offers free shipping to customers living outside NYC too.

7. Add Multiple Users

For those who prefer to split the bill with a friend, you can do that with the Toto site too. When you place an order, you can add multiple users and choose to split the bill equally among them or according to each person’s preference. Once the order is paid for, the payment will be split between the persons listed in the order.

8. Customize Your Receipt

The Toto site has a built-in receipt feature that lets you customize your order by including the name of the restaurant and the order number. It also lets you print a copy of your receipt for easy reference.

If you are looking for a quick and convenient way to send your family a meal, check out the Toto site today!