If you’re a fan of trading cards, then it’s likely that you have some idea of the most valuable ones out there. Whether it be Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh!, many people strive to collect the rarest and most sought after trading cards in history. So if you’re looking for information on the most valuable and rare trading cards, look no further than TCGPort.de

What are Trading Cards? 

Trading cards are typically card based games which have been around since the 1800s, with various versions and formats released over time. Popular examples include Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, World of Warcraft and more recently digital based editions like Hearthstone. Despite their digital counterparts gaining traction in recent years, physical trading cards still remain popular amongst collectors for their unique value and rarity.  

Rarity & Collectability 

Collectible card games (CCGs) such as Magic: The Gathering feature rare ‘black border’ printings often referred to as Power 9 (or Alpha/Beta printings). These editions feature artwork printed in black borders (as opposed to white borders), making them much more desirable amongst players and collectors alike. Similarly, Pokémon features special Holofoil printings which contain holographic foil patterns whilst Yu-Gi-Oh! contains Ultra Rare variants of certain cards which can also be extremely hard to come across – especially if they happen to be from older sets which aren’t readily available anymore. 

Value & Investment Opportunities 

One of the main reasons why people collect these types of items is due to their potential investments opportunities – particularly when it comes to sealed boxes or booster packs from older sets/editions which can sometimes fetch hefty prices due to their rarity. For instance certain misprinted variants of Magic: The Gathering can fetch thousands depending on condition whereas certain Pokémon Booster Boxes can reach upwards of $200+ for first edition releases such as Base Set Booster Boxes from 1999/2000 etc.. In some cases entire collections have even sold into seven figures so it’s certainly worth checking out what your collection may be worth! 

Where Can I Find Information About Card Values? 

One great place to start is by heading over to TCGPort.de where you’ll find detailed information about all sorts of trading card values including pricing histories and market trends on everything from Magic: The Gathering singles right through to complete series’ sets – not forgetting Yugioh & Pokemon too! With its comprehensive search engine you’ll be able find just about any card imaginable either sorted by type or set etc., allowing you access everything you need all in one convenient place – perfect for any collector! 

What are some of the most expensive cards in history?  

When it comes to the most expensive single cards, only a handful make the headlines each year – but when they do, they don’t come cheap! Here’s a quick look at some of the most expensive single cards ever sold;   

– Black Lotus Alpha 

Selling for an astonishing $166,100 USD, this iconic Magic: The Gathering card remains one of the best-selling reproductions ever made, despite being banned from tournament play since 1994. It’s also widely considered to be one of the best Power Nine cards, alongside other non-printable gems such as Ancestral Recall & Time Walk etc., making it highly sought after by elite players worldwide – not to mention its investment potential!  

– Illumina Centaurion

One of two ultra-rare promotional Pokémon prints released in 1998, featuring full-page art on both sides with metallic ink accents that make them stand out in today’s collectors’ albums. Only ten were known to exist until an eleventh was discovered earlier this year and sold at auction for an impressive $107,000 USD – making it easily one of the most valuable single Pokémon prints ever produced!  

– Tyler Catanese Dragon Armor 

This incredibly hard-to-find Yu Gi Oh card held multiple records as the “World’s Most Expensive Yu Gi Oh!” until recently, when it sold at auction for a staggering six-figure sum! Printed between 2003 and 2006, this limited edition beauty features German text along with original artwork designed by renowned artist Tyler Catanese himself, making it extremely desirable to hardcore fans worldwide.  

Conclusion So there we have a brief insight into why trading card collecting remains so popular today, as well as some understanding of how much certain items could potentially sell for when bought or sold through online auctions/marketplaces etc. As always, though, remember that with great investment opportunities comes great levels of risk, so never invest money you cannot afford without doing proper research beforehand – something TCGPort offers plenty of via their website, enabling buyers/sellers alike to get the best possible deals when investing in collectibles going forward.