Protein should be your go-to nutrient if you’re looking to build muscle. But how can you up your intake and get the most from your bodybuilding journey? Here are some top tips for increasing your protein intake to reach your muscle-building goals quicker.

What is protein?

Before we look at high protein snacks for bodybuilding, let’s first look at what protein is. In short, it is an essential macronutrient that aids in tissue growth and repair and plays a role in various metabolic functions within the body. When it comes to building muscle specifically, adequate amounts of dietary protein are essential for optimal performance and recovery; without it, even the best training routine will not produce the desired results.

High Protein Snacks for Bodybuilding

To maximise muscle gains while on a bodybuilding programme, it’s important to ensure that you’re getting enough quality protein throughout the day – experts recommend at least 2g per kilo of body weight. Luckily, plenty of delicious options are out there to make bulking up a breeze! Here are some of our favourite high-protein snacks for bodybuilding:

Nuts & Nut Butter

Nuts (almonds, walnuts, etc.) are one of the best sources of plant-based protein and healthy fats – key components for successful bodybuilding. What’s more, nut butter such as peanut or almond is a great addition to smoothies or oatmeal when you need an extra energy boost before hitting the gym! Remember not to overindulge in these high-calorie treats, as they could easily counteract any weight gain!

Greek Yoghurt & Berries

This combo packs an impressive 17g of complete protein per cup – plus loads of nutritious antioxidants in the form of berries! Greek yoghurt also provides live cultures that promote healthy digestion, all of which help to improve your overall health during your fitness regime. Why not add honey or maple syrup if you’d like something sweeter? Just keep an eye on your sugar levels.

Eggs & Spinach Omelette

Eggs have long been hailed as one of nature’s best ‘complete proteins’, containing all 9 essential amino acids needed for human growth and development. Spinach also contains iron, which helps transport oxygen around the body – ideal if you’re aiming for peak performance when lifting weights or running sprints! Next time you’re hungry before or after a workout, try making a healthy omelette with eggs and spinach – don’t forget to add some healthy fats (avocado slices would do nicely)!

Smoothies & whey protein

Make a nutritious smoothie with added whey powder for added benefits (this type has the highest bioavailability). Not only does whey provide essential amino acids, but it also contains branched-chain amino acids, which are known to fight fatigue during exercise; this means faster recovery times between workouts! Choose from dozens of flavours now available on the market – banana/peanut butter being a personal favourite here at The Fitness Life Blog HQ 😉

Tofu Stir Fry

Tofu stir fry is another great option if you want a quick yet filling meal packed with protein PLUS complex carbohydrates (from the vegetables used). Cut up a block of tofu, then quickly fry until golden brown – add garlic/ginger paste + soy sauce plus mixed vegetables (peppers/onions/mushrooms) and cook until tender; serve hot overcooked quinoa or rice grains, depending on preference – yum!

Snacking habits to consider

To wrap things up, let’s discuss how snacking plays its part when trying to increase daily protein intake. try to stick to unprocessed foods whenever possible i.e. opt for a boiled egg over packet crisps as the former is a much more nutrient-dense choice providing the same amount of satiety likely to last longer too! Also, good idea to have small ‘smart’ snacks between meals to support metabolism rather than overloading the stomach with large portions every few hours – portion control friendly items such as raw nuts/fruit smoothies/homemade trail mixes are perfect examples here 🙂