Madrid is one of the few cities in Europe that Daan & I both have never been to, and both really want to go to. But us visiting this Spanish city will soon be reality: This november we will go there for a couple of days. I am so so excited to still go on a vacation after working the entire summer. I am looking forward to it a lot, and – ‘prevacationfunfreak’ that I am – I am allready deciding on where to go and what do to. Here’s is the list of things that are on that list at the moment.

El Rastro

While checking Madrid’s biggest hotspots online, I quickly came accros the weekly flea market El Rastro. Every sunday, this huge flea market takes place. From what I have read there is a great atmosphere, and both locals and tourist love the market. I guess this is the perfect sunday morning activity; casually strolling around the market.

Parque del Retiro

Another perfect activity for a sunday: walking around the biggest park of Madrid, Parque del Retiro. I believe it is huge, and quite busy during the weekend. I can allready see us grabbing lunch somewhere to go and enjoy it anywhere in this park.

Mercado de San Miguel

I love foodmarkets, and where better to go to one than in another country, with other food traditions. Mercado de San Miguel is a big one, with all kinds of food. I am looking forward to taste all kinds of (Spanish) tapas and little bites over here.

Stadium tour

Daan is a HUGE soccer fan, and Madrid obviously is a great city for soccer fans. We wanted to go to a game of either one of the two clubs, but apparently it was almost impossible to get tickets. Really too bad, since we were looking forward to it a lot. But of course we still be doing a stadium tour in at least one of the stadiums.

Eat Churros

There is something about Churros that makes me love them. I was once told that Spanish people eat these for breakfast a lot. Now, I don’t believe that, but I do know that these things are y-u-m-m-y. I have had them before on the Dutch carnavals, but obviously I need to have them in Spain too.

Have you ever been to Madrid? Do you have any recommendations for me?