In today’s world, investing is the essential thing that everyone should do. Investing is not that hard; you need knowledge about the platforms where you can invest your money. You can even start every month, even from $5.

After the situation of covid19, we have understood the importance of passive income, and investing is the biggest source of passive income. But, as we all know, investing is a long-term game; if you are planning to invest your money, you have to forget your money for at least ten years. 

Many people want to invest their money but cannot invest due to a lack of knowledge. Here we will discuss some safest ways to invest your money.

Real Estate

Real estate is the most commonly known platform that most people use for investing their money. Of course, you will only be able to invest in real estate if you have a large capital. But it also requires knowledge and experience, but if you invest in the right property, you can earn an insane amount. 

  • This is the form of investment that will surely give the person a good amount of returns.
  • At this stage, the better option for the person will be to consult with the real estate agent, who will guide the buyers and the sellers regarding the right time for the transaction.


SIP is a monthly investment in the stock market; using SIP, you can even invest in INDEXES, which is impossible with any other form of investment. But, generally, people get an average interest of 12 percent, which is insane. 

  • If you are also willing to invest your money and want to get a high return on investment, then you must invest your money in SIP. 
  • You can even start a SIP installment from $5 per month. It is the most popular investment because it promotes compounding that helps you double your money in 5 years. 

Saving Accounts

If you are finding a platform to invest your money that is 100 percent risk-free and from which you can withdraw your cash immediately, then a savings account is the best option for you. It provides liquidity to withdraw your cash anytime from the bank or ATM.

  • Generally, most people do not prefer investing their money in saving accounts because it offers the least Return on Investment.
  • But we recommend you invest your money in a savings account if you want a 10 percent risk-free investment.

Fix Deposit

Fixed deposit is also the most popular platform for investing your money in the long term. It is the investing platform offered by banks. Most people prefer investing their money in a fixed deposit because it is safe but offers less ROI than other platforms. 

  • The garage return on investment is 7 percent, which is decent. However, before investing in FD, you must remember that you cannot withdraw your money until your FD becomes mature. 
  • If you want to withdraw your FD before it ages, you will not get interested in your money.


In today’s society, most people are attracted to the stock market to invest their money (especially the young generation). However, if you plan to start investing in your early 20s, you will not find the best option in the stock market. 

  • By investing in the stock market, you will get a very high return on investment. The average return for the past ten years is 15 percent. 
  • You will not get anywhere. But remember, if you invest your money in the wrong stock, then you may lose your money too.
  • You need proper skills to invest in the stock market, so we recommend you learn fundamentals before investing in the stock market. 
  • The stock market is also the biggest source of passive income, as most companies offer their investors dividends (a share in a profit).


These are the different forms of investments that are available for the people. He has the complete freedom to select the type of investment that he thinks will give him better returns in fewer periods. Generally, a person invests in making good profits, so he needs to be careful with his acts.